We are a group of best friends that have been working on this project for several years. So here is a short description of all of us and where you can find us.

Art student at the Amsterdam School of arts. Very passionate about making animations or comics. Had many inspirations from Tim burton, Keiko Takemiya and Tetsuya nomura. Bishounen fanatic.
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Has the brain and style. We call her our papi birdbutt. All hail Bambies.
Graphic Art Design student addicted to the 3 C's Chocolate, Coffee and Cartoons. Despite popular belief does not have a foot fetish. Her dream is to become a full comic artist one day, or work on concept art for video games. Role-model is Osamu Tezuka.
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Artist who just loves what she does with passion, dreams of one day releasing her own book or comic, but can't release her babies so well. Role model is J.K. Rowling.
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This is princess flutterbutt. Sassy independent lady.
Equites Deae