Jason Rattanakosin
Birthdate: July 4
Hobby: Playing baseball, videogames, socialising.
Likes: Making friends, spending time with his family, doing a lot of sports.
Dislikes: When someone gets hurt, bullyieng, disrespect.
Personality: He is very athletic and energic, very friendly towards everybody. He also has a strong sense of justice and makes sure that everybody is safe and protected.
Arthur Douglas-Faye
Birthdate: January 17
Hobby: Reading, history, playing the piano, collecting rabbits
Likes: Books, animals, warm socks and sweaters, trying strange new food.
Dislikes: Most people, fancy parties, the cold, being lonely.
Personality: Cold and arrogant, introvertic, untrusting, but surprisingly has a soft, motherly side as well...
Logan Fransiscus Eduard Smith
Birthdate:September 27
Hobby: Poetry/ writing lyrics, music & sports such as soccer.
Likes: pranking people, parties, camping.
Dislikes: when he hurts someone, horses, silence.
Personality: Coward, takes pride in others, follower, speaks before he thinks, quickly apologizes, takes responsibilities, against illegal activities, needs persuasion.
Yann Goniva
Age: 16
Birthdate:July 26
Hobby:Collecting and creating Plane models.
Likes: Amerlia Earheart (rolemodel), planes, being right.
Dislikes: Snow, Smelly objects, Cars and fish-food.
Personality: Intelligent, Quiet, Respectful but hotheaded in his ways. He thinks with his brain but not with his heart.He's afraid of rejection...
Phillipé "Phill" Gilbert Lumière
Age: 15
Birthdate: May 13
Hobby: Practice acting with the theater group, playing the piano.
Likes: Marshmallows, talking a lot, watching movies and learning about new cultures.
Dislikes: Rudeness, being intimidated, to be treated as a child.
Personality: Very flamboyand and cheerfull, always sees everything on the bright side. Always likes to make a talk and make friends, can get very angry if insulted.
Equites Deae